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Many companies love to use the Google Chrome browser his or her preferred web browser for personal computing. But many users do not choose to have the added interface of other third-party browsers like the touch up. Because of this, the he has a good point company may hide the touch VPN and only enable access from their own interior network. By hiding the VPN connection it becomes possible to search the internet in private and avoid the knowledge of other users that are on the public network. But to permit this feature one has to configure the settings of his web browser to allow for this kind of feature

The first thing is to drive to the settings and then click on the advanced tab. Once there you have to click ‘Network settings’ and you have to enter the Internet protocol address of the exclusive network which you have chosen. You also have to enter the interface number that’s needed is for the VPN to function. Once you are done with these things you’ll have to save all these settings and restart your browser. This kind of configuration will start enabling the VPN server with your system. Whenever you browse the net you will be able to get a new web page in your web browser that is made by the VPN server.

To use this feature users should connect to the VPN through their own computer plus they can gain access to the web as they computer as though they were connected to the public network. But while attaching to the VPN users must ensure that they are making use of the latest firmware version with their operating system. If you try to access the website on a adaptation older than the latest one, you can get a security warn as there may be a security weakness in the connection. In such cases you may either log into the VPN or change the settings so that you will are actually to the secure Server. This is probably the most advanced feature of the feel VPN and helps organizations hold a close eye lids on their workers who are sometimes away from the workplace.