Practice Areas

krupa-2-2The Law Office of Elizabeth Espinosa Krupa is committed to treating your legal matter with the dedication and attention it rightfully deserves. I offer a variety of legal services with an emphasis in the following specific practice areas:

  • Criminal defense

    Securities litigation

    Professional ethics

  • Attorney regulation matters

  • Trial advocacy training

  • Juvenile Crimes

  • Violation of Bail Bond Conditions

  • Escapes

  • Probation Violations

  • Restitution Hearings

Examples of the types of criminal defense cases I specialize in are listed below:

  • Homicides

  • Sexual Offenses

  • Crimes Against Persons/Assaults

  • Crimes of Violence

  • White Collar Crime

  • Domestic Violence

  • Property Crimes

  • Drug Offenses

  • Identity Crimes

  • Weapons Offenses

  • Prostitution

  • Driving Offenses

  • Municipal Offences